Outsource your IT projects to Kenya

Software development outsourcing or contracting is evolving and moving closer to where the developers are.  Standard development practices demand more talent and knowledge.

For a long time, IT contracting has been focusing on India, Ukraine and Pakistan.  However, smart companies are considering alternatives of working with developers from Kenya.

Join companies like Andela and begin your next software project.


Reliable IT Contractors

Want to work with an IT company you can trust and rely on to deliver your projects? Try Huki


Our processes are transparent and made to fit without our customers’ needs.

Fair Pricing

We work with other companies so that they are left with good margins; win-win situation.

Highly skilled

We have experts in almost all areas. We are made for this and are not afraid of any project.

Huki IT outsourcing
Contract software development to kenya

Struggling with existing projects or do you want to add more technical teams in your company? Outsource talent from Kenya. Our software development outsourcing service is optimized to meet your demand 

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Highly skilled developers

Our developers are trained to tackled the hardest problems in the IT industry. We outsource to different countries in the world. 

We Transform Your Vision. Software Development Outsourcing built on Trust

Have an idea? Your customers have ideas? We’ve got you covered.  Huki Group allows you to experience the moment of reality and action. 


Manage your peaks in
the IT or Software development industry

If you are engaged in software development, a digital agency or a digital services company, outsourcing IT to Kenya allows you to incur less cost and manage loads of work during peak hours.

Developers from Huki work with any technology intervening in technologies that have not been understood internally.

 Subcontract your project with an offshore IT provider who allow you to manage your margins and quality of work.