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We look at the world with a big eye

We partner with leading software manufacturers to reach the customer at 1.5 faster than the normal speed. We are the software and IT resellers with an edge in the market. 


We are committed to building lasting relationships with all stakeholders to deliver value for customers


Our reseller business is build on trust and hand shakes. We believe in the traditional style of agreement but verify on paper

Customer Support

Looking for a company that can offer the best support for your customers? We are here. Talk to us

We sell ground breaking software for committed manufacturers

We resell software believe in. We get your IT product from the production to the bank. We help software developers sell their software at an affordable price. We partner with developers to change the way the world works. 

Our Partners


  • Are you a developer and would want to build and sell something? We work with you to get you software in front of the right people.

Software and IT Manufacturers

  • We partner with software and IT companies to reach the market and increase their sales

Industries: Software we resell

Cyber Security

We care about business security. Working with top grade cyber security software manufacturers, we resell software that make a difference.


Software in this category include asset management, service management, risk management, network management, IT management etc


We resell software and IT product in any other industry with the capacity to make a difference. From marketing to control management.

how we work

Out Engagement model


Have a software but want to increase your sales and expand your reach? Why not work with Huki for a small share of the pie?

Value Added Reseller

Want to improve your software capabilities but don’t want to continue developing? Talk to us today and let us deal with the third parties

Support and Maintenance

Let’s us deal with support and maintenance for your software so that you can focus on your core business

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Whether you are a software manufacturer or IT company in need of support, we will be there to help you 🙂

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