Investment Management taken a notch higher

The Fund Management industry has seen many changes in the recent years including new policies and serious competition. Fund managers require tools to help them simplify and automate traditional processes.

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The Fund management solution provided by Huki gives companies a rich end-to-end functionality and capability to streamline their fund management operation while offering superior services to their investors.

The solution’s modular architecture and extended parameterization features provide on a single platform the required functionality to support fund management operations including asset management, fund administration and accounting, but also extend services to client portfolio management.

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What comes with this software?



The product’s scalability is able to accommodate future company requirements

Cost efficiency

The product allows cost efficiency and improved productivity.

Decision making

The software allows informed decision-making with in-depth analysis tools

Customer satisfaction

Throug regular monitoring, the product ensures customer service excellence and differentiation

Better Performance

Enjoy improved operational performance through streamlined processes