Shaping the future of risk management

Differentiate the good from the back, white from black with Soft expert enterprise risk management software.  

Assess Risk

Know the likelihood of a risk occurring through automated processes.

Treat Risk

Make informed decisions to mitigate the impact of identified risks

Monitor &Review

Monitor your risk treatment strategies. Is everything working as planned?

Drive strategy and make informed decision with the Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM)

Companies in Africa are facing unprecedented levels of business complexities characteristic of internal and external risks. Huki Group is the leading risk management software vendor looking to change the way CEOs perceive and respond to risks.  Our ERM software gives companies the power to optimize resources and capital.  

Benefits of the ERM

Central Management

The ERM is a centralized risk management software never before seen in Africa

Global Support

Huki Group is an international software vendor. We bring a pproduct that will help you adapt to any market.

Real-time Insight

The ERM allows you to see risks in real time through powerful analytics, advanced heat maps, reports, dashboards, and chart

High Efficiency

By using the ERM, your company will enjoy improved efficiency by allocating enough resources to mitigate risks

Cost management

Use Huki’s ERM and prevent cash from going down the drain. Achieve higher risk visibility related to operational activities

Control Test Plans

Using the ERM, you can design control test plans, formulas then rate their effectiveness

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Huki’s SoftExpert ERM allows your company to identify, analyze, evaluate, monitor and manage enterprise risks using an integrated system.  The software brings together all risk management data into a single environment allowing you to streamline processes and set priorities to make strategic business decisions.

Risk Repository

Create a repository of risk and organize them into categories. Keep track of all risks

Risk Identification

Easily identify risk and associate it with processes, assets and projects 

Risk Assessment

It allows you to assess risk through a multi dimensional approach streamlined with existing processes. 

Action Plan

The ERM has an investigation tool to making appropriate changes where needed. 

IT Solution Provider

Test and Questionnaires

Apply regular tests and questionnaires to anticipate risks before they happen and promote internal efficiency


The system comes with real-time insight, reports, charts and risk registers to aid in visual decisions

Return on investment(ROI)

As leading software vendor in Africa, Huki Group brings the best risk management software products suited for your needs. We understand the risk management needs and the Enterprise Risk Management software has been built with you in mind. 

Using the ERM will help your company manage costs related with risk mitigation by automating processes and enjoy improved customer satisfaction. 

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