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We provide end-to-end solutions across cloud platforms to achieve quality codes, faster delivery and increased efficiency. 


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DevOps services from Huki makes it possible for companies to merge their code changes in an efficient and reliable manner. Through this service, we conduct automate test and build runs. Through this process, you will find and resolve bugs quicker, improve software quality and improvement deployment times.


Huki implements and runs the right tool to support continuous delivery and DevOps. Through our DevOps implementation, Huki makes the staging phase of any software development process to be easier and quicker to execute. We create replicas of your production environment to ensure optimum software health.


Devops endtoend tests

Huki creates leading end to end DevOps testing processes that test systems from start to finish. We ensure that information is communicated between people and systems for optimum deliverly. This process include requirement validation, regression testing and validation of the configuration environment.

Communication OPS

We at Huki Group extend communication operation services (CommOps) by removing barriers between IT and software development teams to reduce friction in the IT deployment process. CommOps facilitates collaboration between teams by leveraging communication tools.


Continuous Management

Already have a running system? We will help monitor and manage the backend to ensure service deliverly and efficiency. Work with us to ensure that your software products are aligned with you IT business needs.

Continuous Deployment

Huki Group’s DevOps metholodology helps IT teams to established quick development cycles to ensure continues code product and deployment. With Huki, all changes in the customers’ code goes through the right process for quality assurance.


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Modern practices

Leverage modern DevOps practices to ensure accountability, and better coordination in your development teams. Stay ahead of the curve.

faster time to market

Through continues delivery and monitoring, you can rest assured of making your software product a reality upto 15 times fasters. The time it takes for your product to lauch can make all the difference.

Automatic it system updates

Huki ensures that you no longer have to worry about managing your development and operation systems. DevOps cuts your cost and takes away the hassle of using in-house maintenance solutions.

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