We redefine Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) are the process that help to manage your company’s success. Many companies use the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) which is why our CPM software is fully developed to automate these process. The software is also perfect for companies that are using the six sigma and excellence model (EFQM) where the key performance indicators (KPIS) are set to measure the success of these actions.


Build better strategy

Our corporate performance management software allows companies in Kenya and the rest of Africa write well-structured strategies suited to your need.

Communicate Strategy

Strategy communication is a major challenge for companies today. The CPM software provided by Huki Group allows you to optimize existing communication channels.

Measure Progress

The CPM software is the first of its kind to measure progress in enterprise performance management.The software allows you to regularly measure progress towards goals.

best CPM software in Africa

Huki Group, a top corporate performance management software vendor, brings you the best product to navigate the murky waters of managing your company’s performance in Africa. Used by global businesses, the software comes with a proven track record.


Built by the best team

We have committed thousands of hours into developing a world class software that will allow your organization the flexibility it deserves. In partnership with superior companies and developers, the integrated corporate performance management software will be your next gold mine. Development never stops as we are committed to giving you the best.

Return on investment (ROI)

The CPM module of our Soft expert suite gives organizations financial and non-financial benefits. By investing in the product, you will;

Increase productivity, reduce the budgeting cycle, leverage zero footprint to minimize maintenance costs, reduce budget spending especially in the wrong metrics, cut cost and increase revenue by eliminating errors, automating input data and accelerating time for key processes.


Result Driven CPM Software

Make the investment that you will never regret

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