Softexpert BPM

We bring you the best product to improve your process management

Define and Model

Define your processes and model it with the visual elements in our Soft expert BPM software.

Test and deploy

Having set the right processes and model them to your own liking, its time to test


Take your processes to the next level and use real data to make serious decisions

Execute and Monitor

You cannot manage business processes without monitoring. Have you already executed?

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The Challenge

Business processes are becoming increasing complex because of competition and unexpected market forces.  Poor policies are also to blame for inefficient business processes 

Huki-Softexpert BPM software is the key to building and implementing responsive business processes. 

The Solution

Huki’s BPM software allows organization to improve visibility and control their business processes easily.  In partnership with other companies, we bring you the best product that will allow your company to adapt and continuously improve processes in different parts of the world.

The software provides a powerful modelling tool  that allows you to see events, activities, tasks in a reliable environment. 

Huki-Softexpert BPM software integrates well with existing ERP systems  meaning that it will not disrupt business operations 

Benefit of the BPM

Cost saving

The BPM software saves the company a lot of money by reducing the number of employees needed to perform non-value added functions in the company

Eliminate revenue loss

The BPM software eliminate loss by monitoring processes related to strategic planning and making changes on time

Real time visibility

The BPM software provides real time visibility and productivity because processes have been automated.

High customer satisfaction

The software increase customer retention rate by monitoring and optimizing processes involved in customer service management.

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