About Us

We are a global Software, Hardware and IT solution provider


We have built our business on honesty and accountability, we create the right environment for everyone to be honest with others.


We stand for quality products and services. We do not trade money for quality. Sticking to what is right even when not popular


Our customers can count on us. Through honest discussions, we are there when needed and even when they don't know they need us

Company Profile

Our story

Founded in 2018, Huki Group is pioneering world class
software, hardware and It solution provider delivering superior
and client centric solutions with a success track record.
Huki Group prides itself with a wide network of international partners who together bring the best product for local and
global customers. Since its founding, Huki is set to become a
leader in providing software in ERP, cloud computing, business
process excellence, network management, cybersecurity, talent
management and investment management.

Together with our partners, Huki provides support,
maintenance, hosting, implementation and consultation for IT
and system related issues so that customers can get the
maximum value from their investments.